Info on Gold Hill lisp ? 
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 Info on Gold Hill lisp ?

Hi everybody!
I'm posting this on behalf of my dad.  He wants to buy a lisp package
and was wondering about the difference between the 2 packages offered
by Gold Hill.  In The Shop catalog, there are:
1) Common Lisp Development (12 lbs., list $1995, theirs $895)
2) Golden Common Lisp (3 lbs., list $350, theirs $319)

Is the first one a huge professional thing ?
Does it include the second one ?
Would the second one be enough to do serious things ?
How small a subset of Common Lisp is the second one ?
I also heard a rumor that Gold Hill is not doing too well,
close to bankrupcy, etc.  Are these rumors founded ?

Any comments and recommendations welcome !


Tue, 30 Jul 1996 23:46:10 GMT  
 Info on Gold Hill lisp ?
Thanks everybody for your answers.  The overwelming majority of you seem
to recommend Franz Lisp rather than CG Lisp (although I didn't even mention
Franz in my original question).  I also got a reply from both Franz Inc.
Gold Hill Inc. (who are alive and have been for 11 years, so they told me).
Thanks to everyone of you, I'm going to forward all your replies to my dad!


Wed, 07 Aug 1996 02:36:22 GMT  
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