UFFI package available for download 
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 UFFI package available for download

I've uploaded the initial release of UFFI to SourceForge.  UFFI's home
page is http://www.*-*-*.com/

UFFI seeks to a universal foreign function interface. It currently
supports AllegroCL (Linux and Windows), Lispworks (Linux and Windows),
and CMUCL (Linux).

UFFI is already being used to support the MySQL and PostgreSQL API's.
I intend to release this database access package, CL-SQL, in the
next week or two. It is based upon Pierre R. Mai's excellent MaiSQL

The documention is still scant and is provided in DocBook, HTML, and
PDF formats.  There are a number of samples files that demonstrate the
use of UFFI. But, until the documentation is finished, one will still
need to reference the source code for details about the UFFI wrapper
for serious projects.

After the release of CL-SQL, after looking at possibly supporting
CLISP and Corman, and after I believe the UFFI interface is stable and
robust, the interface will be frozen and documented in detail.


Kevin Rosenberg

Wed, 25 Aug 2004 06:56:40 GMT  
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