CMU CL port to Solaris: volunteers wanted 
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 CMU CL port to Solaris: volunteers wanted

We're looking for people who'd like to help get CMU CL working under
the current Sun OS releases (Solaris N, for some value of N).  Our
main need seems to be for people who:
 -- Understand the signal handling mechanisms in detail,
 -- Have time to spare, and
 -- Love to learn by grovelling source code (mostly C, some lisp.)

We already have some net people who've made a start, but for some
reason they keep having to do work instead.

We don't even have this OS running at CMU, so we're mainly

b.t.w., the reason we're reluctant to release our basically complete
HpUx system and mostly debugged Alpha/OSF1 system is that we don't
have the time to do support work at CMU.  If the CMU CL system is
going to survive as a going concern, then it will have to become
"NetCL" supported by the internet community.

  Rob MacLachlan

Wed, 31 Jul 1996 03:03:54 GMT  
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