Lisp jobs, Braintree and Burlington Massachusetts 
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 Lisp jobs, Braintree and Burlington Massachusetts

Content Integrity, Inc. is a startup with using it's unique change management
technologies to build B2B e-commerce solutions that manage change at a high
level. We target the auditing, approval, enabling, disabling, discovery, and
distribution of changes to web sites in a truly unique and rigorous fashion.

We're building a new company and we're off to a great start.  However we're
still looking to fill key positions in our QA, support, and engineering groups.
If you're looking for a dynamic startup environment and a piece of the pie, and
you have experience in the areas described below, please contact Content

We have offices in Braintree (at the red line and commuter rail stop), and will
open one in Burlington on Mall road (with commuter shuttle available) sometime
this summer.

Job descriptions:

- (Software Developer) XML processing guru to develop a structured change
managed model (and/or presentation) for XML content.  Should be proficient
writing and/or using XML processors, and have a thorough knowledge of XML syntax
and semantics.

- (Software Developer) HTML spidering wizard to write agents which crawl the web
and analyze content, and implement structured models (and/or presentations) of
HTML content.

- (Quality Assurance/Manager) Must be a hands-on type capable of fullfilling the
QA roles defined below, and assisting in the management and growth of the QA

- (Quality Assurance/Engineering) Write system/unit tests in lisp that exercise
semantically complicated underpinnings of our solutions.  There is emphasis in
this position on software engineering skills.

- (Quality Assurance/Engineering) Write lisp and (shell) script tests of our
product APIs and user interfaces (both command line and web application).
Scripts are cross-platform (Unix and NT),  and our web application testers need
strong knowledge of the inner workings of HTTP servers and dynamic HTML.
There is less emphasis on this candidate's software engineering skills, but some
programming is required.

- (Technical Support) Front line support for our enterprise change management
products and our application services hosted on the web.  Implicit in the phrase
"enterprise" is the fact that our products involve substantial complexity and
target multiple sets of end-users in their capability models.  As part of the
CII support team, you'll need to master all capability models, the details of
our three-tier architecture, and deployment of our solutions on Windows and Unix
Experience with lisp is highly desired in order to implement and/or use lisp's
dynamic capabilities to provide state of the art customer support (both in
system diagnosis and patch deployment).


For all positions, knowledge of Common Lisp and Java is highly desired, but not
necessarily required (particularly for the very specific skills of html
spidering and XML processing, we need your domain knowledge and can teach you

We need people who are capable in cross-platform environments and we are
committed to quality solutions and premier customer satisfaction on all
platforms, for all products.

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