TCP/IP interface for Mac Allegro CL 
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 TCP/IP interface for Mac Allegro CL

Has anyone written a library of Mac Allegro Common Lisp routines that
implement the MacTCP package?  I'm looking for something analogous to
the HyperCard MacTCP library, but for CL.

Ultimately, what I really want is a simple file transfer and rsh/rexec/RPC
facility that can be used from MACL to access run programs on UNIX(tm)
boxes.  Even the simplest, bare-bones version will do.

E-Mail and I'll summarize.
Chip Morris, Senior Engineer
Software Options, Inc., 22 Hilliard St., Cambridge MA 02138  (617) 497-5054

Mon, 29 Jun 1992 23:12:09 GMT  
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