Announcement: operating system interface patch for Allegro CL 6.2 
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 Announcement: operating system interface patch for Allegro CL 6.2

An Allegro CL patch is now available that provides better integration
between Lisp and native operating system resources.  See

    http://www.*-*-*.com/ #osi_patch

for the details.

The motivation for this new facility was twofold:

1. Remove as many foreign function definitions from our own (internal
   and external) utilities as possible, where those foreign
   definitions were related to system calls and C library routines.
   We are about to release a new version of our FTP server that uses
   this new module.  The source code for it is about 1/3 smaller than
   it was before.  It will also run on more than just Solaris and
   Linux (though not all UNIX platforms we support due to some
   features being missing).

2. Add higher-level subprocess manipulation primitives.  For years, we
   have been using programs built upon ``run-shell-command'' (the
   Allegro CL way of running a subprocess).  We felt it was time to
   publish them.  There are some examples of this on the web page
   referenced above.

Sat, 30 Apr 2005 13:00:03 GMT  
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