KCL for PMAX, misc KCL tips and queries 
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 KCL for PMAX, misc KCL tips and queries

I need KCL (preferrably AKCL, but any will do) for the DECstation 3100.
Wright State University was supposedly doing a port.  If any of the
implementors there read this list, please mail to me at:

If anyone has any knowledge of this beast, please do drop me a brief note,
any pointers appreciated.  I need it badly, but I don't want to start a
port unless I have to, time being what it is.

Also: to those of you having trouble getting CLX going under KCL:
The port numbers in socket.c are off by 6000.  Reduce them appropriately,
and everything works (except the (zoid-test "host"), which is very

Has ANYONE made PCL to work under KCL?  Victoria Day PCL won't
bootstrap-meta-braid for me in braid1.lisp.  SLOTD is supposedly
undefined, but CLASS is no sweat.

I made it compile once by screwing around with the stepper during the
eval-when (compile) of bootstrap-meta-braid, but I can't seem to
find the right incantations this time. -- Perhaps it was the brassiere
I wore on my head at the time.  Anyhow, I have one saved image with
PCL loaded which works fine, but it has a symbol '_init_code' defined
which conflicts with compiled objects for CLX, hence I can't get
both PCL and CLX loaded simulatneously, as is required for CLUE.
Any ideas, pointers, etc., appreciated.  

When I get the whole business building cleanly, I shall post diffs
from the distribution sources so that no one else need go through all
this horse pucky.  (By the way, I'm using a Sun-4/280 for all this.)

anthony l kimball
u of mn dept of physiology neural network modelling project

Fri, 19 Mar 1993 19:58:00 GMT  
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