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 CLiki (was Re: Commercial Lisp or Free Lisp )

Some recent playing around with the new deja-google interface has
confirmed that my ISP's news server is dropping posts.  In one of

>On the other side I think it is not so important for CLiki to be amazingly
>fast used over a modem-line. IMHO nowadays there should be enough bandwidth
>so that CLiki could use a look like e. g. Freshmeat, Slashdot & Co.
>IMHO CLiki should have it's own individual look, a little bit more color,
>maybe some images and all that is small enough to cope with and nice enough
>to hold the viewers look long enough.

I can only agree with that to a very limited extent, as my internet
access is modem-based ;-)

However, I did clean up the CLiki interface a bit last weekend, at
least for browsers that support stylesheets.  I also added a search
engine to it, which should make it easier to find things.  All
feedback received gratefully (if not gracefully).




Mon, 11 Aug 2003 03:22:21 GMT  
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