Linguistic approaches to AI Linguistic Approaches to Artificial Intelligence 
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 Linguistic approaches to AI Linguistic Approaches to Artificial Intelligence

The collective volume of the LAUD-symposium on artficial intelligence has recently been published. It comprises 21 papers of different kinds:

Janusz S. Bien
    Towards Displacement Model of Memory
Toni Bollinger / Ulrich Hedtstueck /
Claus-Rainer Rollinger / Rudi Studer
    Text Understanding in LILOG
Ralph Grishman
    Domain Modeling for Language Analysis
Walter von Hahn
    Analysis and Generation of Discourse
Eva Hajicova
    Automatic Compilation of a Knowledge Base
Yasunari Harada
    On Describing Natural Languages in Unification Environments
Robert R. Hoffman
    What Is a Hill? Computing the Meanings of Topographic and
    Physiographic Terms
Juergen Krause
    The Concepts of Sublanguage and Language Register in Natural
    Language Processing
Juergen Kunze
    Semantic Representation as a Link between Parsing and
    Knowledge Representation
Ira Monarch / Sergei Nirenburg
    ONTOS: An Ontology-Based Interactive Know-ledge Acquisition
Greg Myers / Tony Hartley
    Modeling Lexical Cohesion and Focus in Written Texts: Popular
    Science Articles and the Naive Reader
James Pustejovsky
    Semantic Function and Lexical Decomposition
Ulrich Reimer / Udo Hahn
    An Overview of the Text Understanding System TOPIC
Dietmar Roesner
    Text Generation in the Framework of the SEMSYN Project:
    Current Status, Future Prospects
Annely Rothkegel
    Knowledge Representation and Text Processing
Petr Sgall
    Meaning, Sense, and Contradiction
Joerg H. Siekmann
    Unification Theory
Brian M. Slator / Yorick A. Wilks
    Towards Semantic Structures from Dictionary Entries
Harold Somers
    Subcategorization Frames and Predicate Types
Gerhard Strube
    Empirical Constraints for Modeling Human Language Processing:
    On-Line Analysis of Temp{*filter*}Sentences
Masaru Tomita
    Parser Factory: The Universal Parser Compiler and Its
    Application to a Knowledge-Based Speech Translation System

The volume appears under

Ulrich Schmitz/Ruediger Schuetz/Andreas Kunz (eds.):
Linguistic Approaches to Artificial Intelligence.
Frankfurt/Main, New York, Paris, Bern: Peter Lang. 1990.

and has about 580 pages.
The price is 118.- Deutschmarks (ca.74 US $).

If you like to purchase the book, please make your order to:

       Verlag Peter Lang AG
       Jupiterstr. 15
       CH-3000 Bern 15
      (There is no email-address available.)

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