new to lisp: questions about ACL for Unix (Linux) 
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 new to lisp: questions about ACL for Unix (Linux)


I am entirely new to lisp programming, although I have been going
through a couple of lisp books (On Lisp and CLTL2) and trying some
test programs with CLISP, CMU lisp, and now ACL 4.3 for Linux.
Although I'm getting more comfortable with the language, I suspect
that I'm using the lisp system (not the language) as a C programmer
rather than a lisp programmer.  I've never had the opportunity to see
a lisp programmer at work.

Although I bought the ACL manuals, I don't think I quite have a feel
for "interactive" programming in lisp.  I've been mostly writing my
code in one buffer, compiling it (using the menu option), then
executing it in the fi:common-lisp "listener".  I can't help but feel
that I might be missing out on a more full-fledged experience.  Is
there any way to get, for example, function name completion, etc?  If
you are experienced in ACL, would you mind describing in a few
sentences, how you start up, what buffers you work in, how you
compile, and how you fix and resend forms with simple errors?  I have
the manuals, so I can look up the details.  I just haven't been able
to deduce the workflow from the manuals.

Also, In the manual the example of rebuilding the image with
updates shows the patches loaded in numerical order.  When I
downloaded the Franz patches for ACL-linux 4.3 and rebuilt, the
patches were loaded in *reverse* order.  Is that supposed to have
happened?  I'm assuming that all is OK, and the manual is in error.
Doesn anyone know otherwise?

Finally, I would like to say that I am grateful to Franz for making
ACL for Linux available without charge for personal use.  I believe
that this bolsters the value of Linux as an educational and
developmental tool.


David Fenyes                               University of Texas Medical School

Thu, 21 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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