Compiling gcl-2.2 on solaris 2.5 (aka sunos 5.5) 
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 Compiling gcl-2.2 on solaris 2.5 (aka sunos 5.5)


  I am having quite a bit of difficulty in compiling gcl-2.2 on a solaris 2.5
on a SUN Sparcstation. So, far I have encountered the following problems (some
of which I have tried to fix).

1) GET_FAULT_ADDRESS macro is defined as a conditional expression (i.e., like
(.. ? .. : ..))  that has a non void return value type in the "then" part and
a void return type for the else part. (I could fix this)
2) "shifts" is a function defined in the gcl file. But it also happens to be
   the name of some data (.ro_data) in one of the system libraries. (I fixed
   by renaming all shifts by gcl_shifts)
3) all the .o files in the "lsp" directories are not loadable because they are
  "FASD version 0 vs 2" (I fixed this by loading the corresponding .lsp files
  - required editing sys_gcl.c file in unixport dir)
4) Even after the fix of step 3 the lsp/info.lsp could not be loaded as in
  sharp_u_macro assoc failed with ":ELEMENT-TYPE not a LIST." I fixed this by
  editing the info.lsp and removing the sharp_u_macro and replacing it by a
5) With 3 and 4 above I could all the way to saved_gcl. But after that it
  fails again while compiling info.lsp file with

        >(compile-file "info.lsp")
        Compiling info.lsp.
        Loading ./cmpinit.lsp
        Loading sys-proclaim.lisp
        Finished loading sys-proclaim.lisp
        Finished loading ./cmpinit.lsp

        Error: :ELEMENT-TYPE is not of type LIST.
        Error signalled by ASSOC.
        Broken at COND.  Type :H for Help.

  I simply cannot get past this point.

My preliminary diagnosis is the following. The .o file format between solaris
and sunos is different that does not allow raw_gcl and saved_gcl loading .o
files created and left in the standard distribution. This somehow mucks up the
gcl built on the solaris machine.

Please, anyone knowledgeable help me. Even if you do not understand the above
but know of a CLISP implementation compatible with gcl/kcl/akcl or franz lisp
that is known to compile clean on a solaris machine, please let me know with
suitable pointers

Your help is much appreciated.


Sat, 25 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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