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|> The way to refresh in Lispview is to attach a method to an instance of
|> the damage-interest class (or a sublcass of it).

What is the name of this method?

That method will be evaluated
|> anytime something "damaging" happens to the window, like getting buried and
|> then uncovered.

Actually, LispView defines a generic function named RECEIVE-EVENT for all interface objects (eg, buttons, windows, sliders). The arglist for receive-event is (object interest event), which allows for specialization on damage-events, not damage-interests.

To view the pre-defined receive-event methods, type
        (inspect (symbol-function 'lv:receive-event))
in Lucid (aka Sun CL). Then inspect the methods on slot 7.
                                  Len Charest, Jr.
                 JPL Artificial Intelligence Group

Wed, 17 Aug 1994 07:12:28 GMT  
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