Lucid (Sun) Common Lisp vs Allegro (Franz) Common Lisp 
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 Lucid (Sun) Common Lisp vs Allegro (Franz) Common Lisp

   Has anyone had a chance to compare Lucid Common Lisp to Allegro
Common Lisp running on a Sun 3 or 4?  I need to know people's
impressions of the advantages/drawbacks of the two dialects wrt each

   I have only a minimal interest in speed comparisons.  I am much
more interested in people's experiences with things like the

        - Difficulties in translating existing Lisp code (not
necessarily Common Lisp) to Lucid or Allegro.

        - Bugs - situations in which the implementation is clearly
contrary to Steele.

        - Things you needed to do and couldnt, even if Steele doesnt
require it.  (Things like ERRSETs and communication with Unix/other
programs, perhaps.)

        - The company's responsiveness to questions and bug reports.

        - Difficulties in compilation.

        - Preferences in de{*filter*}s.

   I am happy to receive responses from people affiliated with one of
the companies, as long as you identify yourself as such.

   Perhaps someone has already posted a comparison of these Lisps and
I missed the discussion.  (I was away for a while.)  If so, could
someone forward me a copy?

   Reply directly to me and, if people are interested, I will post a
compilation of the responses.



Tue, 07 Sep 1993 00:55:00 GMT  
 Lucid (Sun) Common Lisp vs Allegro (Franz) Common Lisp
I am currently looking into the same question, so please post summary.
This discussion must have occured before in this group. Does anyone
remember when & is this discussion saved somewhere.
        daniel mahler

Fri, 10 Sep 1993 15:35:34 GMT  
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