EOF condition in (read) from file 
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 EOF condition in (read) from file

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          I am running lucid lisp on a sun machine and the following code
   does not detect the EOF condition.  Can anybody tell me why ?

   (setq temp (read in t 'EOF))
   (if (equal temp 'EOF

   or the code

   (setq temp (read in 'EOF))
   (if (equal temp 'EOF)

   I am reading the values from an ascii file but I get struck at the end
   of the file.  The second version worked in xlisp some time back, but I
   could not use xlisp as I wanted to use the (file-position in :start) and
    (random 0.2 state) functions.

     I could not find anything about this in the FAQs.  Please reply to

Try using read with the second argument (eof-error-p) being nil.

> ;;; Arglist read


So, the following should work:

(setq temp (read in nil 'eof))
(if (eq temp 'eof) ...)
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