Responsive vendors, was "Free Lisp w/ GUI" 
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 Responsive vendors, was "Free Lisp w/ GUI"

Early on in the "Free Lisp w/ GUI" thread, the subject of Franz's
licensing/sales policies came up, I contributed my story about not
hearing from them after an initial contact, and therefore buying

Presumably someone at Franz saw it and likely in response, I just got
a very nice email from a person at Franz who apologized for their
failure to respond to my request.  Apparently, during some changes to
their dealer organization, my request was lost in the shuffle.  The
author of the email also assured me that Franz cares very much about
all their customers both large and small.  I think this person at
Franz taking the time to track down my original request for quote, and
emailing me to apologize for it being misplaced says a lot about
Franz's commitment to the Lisp community- I'm not even one of their
customers, much less a big one.

So, I would urge anyone who might be avoiding having a look at Allegro
because of anything I've said to at least give it a fair try.


Greg Menke

Mon, 12 Jul 2004 06:57:05 GMT  
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