Lisp job opening (San Francisco) 
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 Lisp job opening (San Francisco)

[[we're still looking for a good Lisp hacker. See or
  for more information on what we do.  --mt]]

Advisory Software Engineer

Job Description:

You will work in a team developing software that enables drug
discovery scientists to track, visualize, and analyze the flood of
information coming from the new high-throughput automated technologies
that are dramatically accelerating chemistry and biology.  Our
applications, based on a sophisticated three-tier architecture,
simulate chemical reactions, help plan experiments, and make sense of
scientific results.


* Design new functionality based on marketing requirements
* Develop the application together with other engineers
* Write and review technical design documents
* Work with Quality Assurance on providing quality products to

Minimum Qualifications:

* Bachelor's degree
* 6 or more years experience with Common Lisp
* 6 or more years experience writing commercial applications as part
of a software team
* Familiarity with object-oriented design

Desired Qualifications:

* Background in chemistry and/or biology
* Master's or Ph.D.
* Knowledge of CLOS, Tcl/Tk, SQL, C, C++, Java, EJB, web tools, Win32

Please contact Irina Shamaeva if interested and qualified:

 (415) 252-8600 x121

Sun, 08 Aug 2004 03:27:42 GMT  
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