Compilation insight requested. 
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 Compilation insight requested.


> > many thanks to all who have responded to the "extra-method"
> > question. It looks like my fears have been confirmed.  Anyway...

> So that people have outlined
> WHY losing is a virtual certainty  seems something to revel in, too.
> :-)

> Sorry for the unsolicited sermon if it's not useful to you.

It is most useful and I enjoyed reading it. Almost Buddhist in

I send an answer to the main thread on the reasons why I
overconstrained the problems. Also, I gave a reason why you can blame
Barry Margolin for it :)

> > Here is another small piece of code that is giving me some problems.

> > I have a file named one.lisp which contains exactly the following.

> > ===========================================================================

> > (defun make-1 () 1)

> > (defconstant +one+ (make-1))

> > ===========================================================================

> > My question, due to the laziness of going through all the past
> > postings on DEFCONSTANT and friends is simply the following.

> > What behavior should I expect from COMPILE-FILE of one.lisp?

> I guess you're not looking for "possible textual confirmation that
> your compile completed, return values confirming the fact, and a side
> effect on the file system in which a loadable file is created", huh?

Not quite. The compiler (CMUCL 18b) gives a MAKE-1 undefined error.  I
suppose for all the good reasons you give in the remainder of the post.

This time I will use the "acceptance" spirit and rewrite my code (I
have already done that), always remebering that it is simplicity that
is difficult to make. :)


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