Seeking Scientists versed in FP 
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 Seeking Scientists versed in FP

*** Job Opportunities at Raytheon Systems Co., Tucson, AZ ***

If you have a strong background in Mathematics, Physics, EE, or other
technical field, and are well versed in C/C++ on Unix/Win32 but would prefer
writing physical modeling code in SML, OCAML, Haskell, Lisp, Dylan, or
Scheme, then we have an opportunity for you!

Our group does systems modeling and analysis of space-borne optical and
infrared sensors, guidance and navigation modeling of space platforms, image
processing, target detection and tracking algorithms, and laboratory data

We've had very positive results with FP languages for creating robust rapid
prototype code. Little of our code becomes "production" grade: rather, it
constantly undergoes refinement as our knowledge of the physics improves. We
use some RSI/IDL but we prefer our replacement of it. known as NML. NML is
an interactive, vectorized, graphical, math analysis language written in
OCAML. It has a syntax strikingly close to OCAML but it is dynamically
typed. For glue routines we make sparing use C/C++.

Near term plans involve the creation of several 64 and 128 node Alpha-based
Beowulf clusters for high-performance distributed model computations.
Typical analysis machines in our lab consist of 2 and 4 processor Pentium-II
and Xeon machines with memory configurations of 256 to 512 MBytes on fiber
optic channels with each other and the data storage server.

If this kind of work interests you then send a message along with an
electronic copy of your resume or vita in MS/Word to:

D.McClain, Sr. Scientist
MS 807-M7
Raytheon Systems Co.
Tucson, AZ 85750

Ph. 520-794-2099

This work requires a DOD Secret Clearance and so cannot be performed by
other than US Citizens, except under very special circumstances.

The prefered candidate will have a Masters or Ph.D. in Physics, Astronomy,
EE, Chemistry, or Mathematics, and a strong background in scientific
computer programming, numerical modeling, and data analysis. Software
experience should include strong C/C++, MS COM/OLE, MS/ADO, Corba, parallel
programming on SIMD and MIMD architectures, SML, OCAML, Lisp, MS/VBasic,
Win32 and Motif GUIs, RSI/IDL, and Mathematica.

Our salaries are competitive at a national level, based on education and
experience, and the location and lifestyle is terrific! Raytheon Systems Co.
is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Sat, 12 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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