missing 'Scrolling-fred-dialog-item' 
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 missing 'Scrolling-fred-dialog-item'

I tried load "Pail" which is programmed in MCL 2.0....
(I guess.. because there is an application that compiled with MCL 2.0).
With MCL 4.0, I got this error

> Error: The module "SCROLLING-FRED-DIALOG-ITEM" was required while

loading #P"SungwooHD:applications:MCL 4.0:pail:toplevel:pail-init.lisp".

>        No file could be found for that module.
> While executing: REQUIRE

I found this comment from MCL:library:fred-compatibility.lisp
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;; ;;; A bunch of methods that delegate
from fred-window to its window-key-handler ;;; and from scrolling-fred-view
to its fred-item. ;;; Helps to compensate for the fact that fred-window no
longer inherits from fred-mixin ;;; and neither does scrolling-fred-view. In
MCL 2.0 scrolling-fred-dialog-item ;;; and fred-window did inherit from
fred-mixin. ;;; This is not the complete set of fred-mixin methods, so add
any you need.

Seems... the 'scrolling-fred-view' or 'scrolling-fred-item' doesn't
support any more?
So I simply disabled the line    (require :scrolling-fred-dialog-item)
in pail-init.lisp.
It loaded UI successfully.. but when I tried to implements demos, MCL
start complains about missing module 'scrolling-fred-dialog-item'.
In pail, there are 29 items which depend on 'scrolling-fred-dialog-item'.

In MCL reference, it says that the 'scrolling-fred-dialog-item.lisp' is in
the Library folder distributed with Macintosh Common Lisp.
However, obviously not in my 4.0 CD nor demo versio of 4.2 and 4.3 version.

How could I update these problem?
Anyone compiled 'pail' in MCL 4.0 or over?


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Tue, 08 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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