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 upgrading errors


> >>>> On the subject of "Re: upgrading errors"
> >>>> Sent on Sun, 2 May 1999 11:21:06 +0300

>  >> I think that what Kent Pitman meant was that you ought to define an
>  >> appropriate initarg, e.g. :PROBLEM (and provide the necessary
>  >> processing), so that the new instance `inherits' from the old one.

> how do I do this?  This is not for a class (I mean, it *IS* for a CLOS
> class, but not for a school class :-).  Could you please give a code
> snippet?

I was assuming:

 (define-condition problem () ())
 (define-condition serious-problem (problem) ())

and I was suggesting you could do

 (define-condition escalated-problem (serious-problem)
   ((original-problem :initarg :original-problem :accessor original-problem)))

and do

 (handler-bind ((problem #'(lambda (c)
                             (when (some-circumstance-of c)
                               (signal 'escalated-problem
                                       :original-problem c)))))

or some such thing.    I think in my message I had done this in shorthand
by assuming that serious-problem could be made to have this extra slot,
but maybe it's easier to see with this elaborated form.

In general, I strongly recommend this over any use of change-class
or any attempt to change slot values in the condition.

On the other hand, it's just a little suspect to make seriousness be a
property of the condition.  The built-in serious condition is used to
"solve" (and I use the term very lightly) the problem that you don't
have a way of inquiring of a condition whether the absolute default
behavior will be "entry to the de{*filter*}" or "no action".  That's a
very critical thing to know.  But serious-condition-ness is a bad way
to communicate the information, even if it's built into the language.
This is something I knew was a mess when I administered the addition
of conditions to CL, and I expected a lot more people to complain
about than actually did. I *assume* people really do run into lots of
problems that they don't report and perhaps don't even articulate or
recognize per se.  There are not very good answers to this.  I vaguely
recall we did better about it in the ISLISP error system, actually.
If I was more ambitious, I'd go look it up.  Maybe another evening.

Fri, 19 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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