ACL & structure type checking? 
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 ACL & structure type checking?

Every once in a while, when I move code from ACL to CMUCL, I'm bitten by
structure type mismatches.  As I understand it, ACL turns structure
references into indexes into an array of structure elements.  As long as
struct A element 1 has the same type as struct B element 1, you can call
the right accessor for the wrong structure, and it all works out.

Case in point:

CL-USER(15): (defstruct m1

CL-USER(16): (defstruct m2

CL-USER(17): (setf *m1* (make-m1 :id 'hi :name "m1-itude"))
#S(M1 :ID HI :NAME "m1-itude")

CL-USER(18): (setf *m2* (make-m2 :id 'bye :name "m2itude" :date
#S(M2 :ID BYE :NAME "m2itude" :DATE 3220992127)

CL-USER(19): (m1-id *m1*)

CL-USER(20): (m1-id *m2*)

CL-USER(21): (m2-id *m1*)

CL-USER(22): (m2-id *m2*)

Safety was turned up to 3, as was debugging, but nothing in this is

No errors were generated in the making of this example, but I want errors
here.  Is there a way for me to get that?


Michael Hannemann

Wed, 14 Jul 2004 18:06:57 GMT  
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