cookies with the lambda nature 
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 cookies with the lambda nature

I've put on the web a collection of cookies which seem (to me) to have
the lambda nature.  The url is
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~james/lambda.txt

Here's the relevant blither from the introductory page, sans links:

The LAMBDA.TXT file is a fortune(6) style collection of cookies with a
particular emphasis on Lisp, Scheme, AI, and other related activities.
Some are taken from LINS.463 which is a file of 'one-liners' for the ITS
BYE program, graciously sent to me by Alan Bawden. Some others are from
the Symbolics Guidelines for Sending Mail, located at the Online
Symbolics Museum. There are also a few Perlisisms from ACM's "Epigrams
in Programming" by Alan J. Perlis. I also snipped a bit from "MIT's AI
Lab" which is at The Association of Lisp Users. Many are just random
quotes from USENET and other online fora where people who grok the
lambda nature congregate.  There's more, and I'm not going to try and
provide credits for it all, but if you're absolutely interested in
copyrighting then you should read the first section of LINS.463 which
contains many more attributions.

I'm continuing the maintenance and updating of this file, collecting
random quotes and lore I encounter in my daily life and adding them as
fortune cookies. If you have comments, criticism, suggestions, or
especially additions that you wish included in this file then you should
probably mail me. BTW, I consider this file in the public domain, but
would appreciate if you included my name in any references to the

Share and Enjoy!

Wed, 21 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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