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 Allegro CL for Win95/NT

<   Ok, I'm trying to figure out how to compile a .lsp file (in Windows95/NT)
< using Allegro 3.0.2 into an binary file.  Can this be done?

Surely. At the toplevel type `:cf filename' or `:cload filename'. What
you probably want to do is dump an image. Try looking up
excl:dumplisp. I never used this before, but it seems like it could be
a lot fun. Also check the file (in the code directory
someplace) for a an example function called `make-executable-lisp-file'.

< It should be
< possible right? Any help?  Or, if you know how perl runs, i was wondering if
< Lisp can be used that way (it interprets the file on the fly).

Your best bet might be to dump an image with the compiled functions
built into it (prestoized?). You could just load the compiled files
into the image on startup - I just hate the mess of having files all
over the place (feels too much like unix .rc files).

Anyway, to run my acl in a batch mode I would do (something more
useful hopefully) this.

KludgeUnix:~$ lisp -batch -qq -e '(progn (princ "Hello World!") (terpri) (force-output) (exit 0 :quiet t))'

< Also, can lisp files be used in a CGI?

You mean run lisp from (or as) a CGI? I don't think anything but a
lisp (or java) can be expected to run lisp code.

< On a web server like IIS 3.0 or Enterprize Server 3.0 for NT
< Server 4.0? TIA!

What's IIS 3.0 (the motive behind my posting)? The server should have a
means of running processes that connect to a given port (like an
initd, or maybe something more elegant), I would just start the image
like you would a finger deamond (maybe I would bind read-eval,

Hope this helps - just keep in mind I'm really tired; sometimes I just
think I like to hear myself type... Enjoy your night.

Fri, 08 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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