#\Meta #\Control #\Meta-Control etc. 
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 #\Meta #\Control #\Meta-Control etc.


I am trying to make some code run under CMUCL (the EW package from the
Lisp Utilities repository).

The code contains a lot of character constants in the format #\Meta-x
etc. CMUCL (v 16c) complains that the character is not recognizable. I
checked CLtL2 and I did not get that much help.

Is there anybody who knows some workaround this problem?

Thanks in advance

Marco Antoniotti
Robotics Lab            | room: 1219 - tel. #: (212) 998 3370

...e` la semplicita` che e` difficile a farsi.
...it is simplicity that is difficult to make.
                                B. Brecht

Wed, 08 Nov 1995 20:20:21 GMT  
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