Space-Profile with Allegro CL 4.3 
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 Space-Profile with Allegro CL 4.3


I want to create a space-profile with Allegro CL 4.3. Therfore I start
the profiler with (prof:start-profiler :type :space), run the program
and stop the profiler via (prof:stop-profiler).

But the output of (show-call-graph) isn't very helpfully. It only prints

something like

Space profile of sampled pc values by function, children, and parents.

Total mem.s below 1.0% will be suppressed.
Parent and child mem.s less 2.0% of the node will be suppressed.

Sample represents 800000.0 Kbytes of space allocated (out of a total of

  %     %                       Parent
 self total   total local  Function
 Mem.  Mem.   Kbyte   %         Child

100.0 100.0  800000 100.0   "start"

Since there is a note in the manual, not to do any global gc during
profiling phase, I turned off global gc's by setting the variable
excl:*global-gc-behavior* to :warn; the result is still the very
profile above.

What can I do to get better space profile?


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Mon, 22 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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