Web Browser Control....AxSHDocVw.AxWebBrowser 
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 Web Browser Control....AxSHDocVw.AxWebBrowser

I did find out that both framework 1.1 and 1.0 had to be installed to fix
the problem....

However, now I have Studio 2003, the problem has come back...


> Hi,

> I've asked about that control before and was told .Net had no new
> but I've never had the problem you are talking about...

> Have you checked that the browser version on the whacked out machines is
> late enough to work with the control...?

> Cheers

> > I am currently using AxSHDocVw and the AxWebBrowser control....it works
> > perfect on my development machine...works great on 75% of computers.
> > the exact same installation procedures are followed on 2 different
> machines,
> > one works and one doesn't....I also have a second development machine
> > now has VS DotNet 2003 on it....and it does NOT work, even when compiled
> > directly from the Studio.

> > What I mean by not working...

> > When you load the windows form that has the AxWebBrowser control on it,
> the
> > screen just sits there.  Sometimes after a very long time (2 hours or
> more)
> > , the web page will load accordingly, sometimes it never does...another
> > machine it works perfect...the web pages are local, so should be
> > Anyone else have this problem...

> > Is there a new web browser control in DotNet that is not the old ActiveX
> > version.????

> > Thanks Clint

Sun, 25 Dec 2005 21:52:46 GMT  
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