IBM system 370 system call "DMXINV" 
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 IBM system 370 system call "DMXINV"

We just dusted off an old code and are porting it to
unix. It last ran on an IBM 370.

It includes a call to an IBM system utility called
"DMXINV", which I *presume* is simply doubler-precision
matrix inversion (presumption, not fact). The code is
sufficiently convoluted that it is not obvious what the
calling sequence is for DMXINV. Does anybody have an old
system 370 manual handy who could verify the arguments
for me? Anyone know if there is a drop_in_with_no_code_change
equivalent out there, either Numerical Recipies or elsewhere
on the net?


Glen Clark

Wed, 31 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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