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I am using PROCYON Common Lisp to call foreign functions written in fortran
(Language Systems MPW FORTRAN). I am using the following to process the
object code:

        Link                             6
                -rt FRGN=1               6
                -sn Main=xforfunc        6
                -sn f_RunTime=xforfunc  6
                -sn f_Intrinsics=xforfunc 6
                -ma FOREIGNFUNCTION=xforfunc 6
                '::ForeignLib.o' 6
                xforfunc.f.o    6
                "{FLibraries}"FORTRANlib.o  6
                "{FLibraries}"IntrinsicLib.o 6
                "{Libraries}"Interface.o 6
                "{Libraries}"Runtime.o 6
                xforfunc.f.o    6
                -o xforfunc  

(Yes, this is like a Mac CODE resource, except that it has foreign function
type FRGN.)

Any comments/help/reply would be appreciated for the following:

        - Is there any other method to process the object code to produce
          a resource?

        - Is it possible to do I/O in FORTRAN side?

        - Are COMMON variables allowed?

Thanks in advance.


-Mahmoud Pegah
Mich State Univ

Sat, 27 Mar 1993 00:29:21 GMT  
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