Fortran DLL for Visual Basic 
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 Fortran DLL for Visual Basic

Now , I try to use fortran DLL file from Visual Basic.

FIrst time, I  tried an example program in Fortran Power Station 4.
But , it dosen't work.(error code 453)

Please advice me!

--sample program--

Visual Basic code:
Static arr(1 To 3,1 To 7)  As Single
Call ARRAYTEST(arr1,1))

The subroutine ARRAYTEST is defined in the following Fortran code:

   REAL(4) arr(3,7)
   INTEGER i,j
   DO i=1,3
        DO j=1,7
        END DO

And compiled this file with:
fl32.exe /LD f90vb4.f90

which creates a DLL named f90vb4.dll. The DLL is declared in the Visual
Basic .BAS
file as follows:
Declare Sub ARRAYTEST Lib "f90vb4.dll" (Myarray as Single)

Tue, 20 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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