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Well, it worked!  I just got my copy of the MIL-STD-1753 supplement to
ANSI's fortran77.  To start your order, call the Naval Publications
and Forms Center at 215 697 2667.  You'll get a customer number from a
human there, and they'll direct you to call into their touch-tone
order entry system to place the order.  Mine took about 2 weeks and it
was free.  There was a notation on the mailing cover that no more than
5 copies of anything would be provided.

Here, in brief, is what is in the supplement:

        Terminates an ANSI DO stmt or a DO WHILE.  For ANSI DO, it
        must be labeled.

DO [label [,]] WHILE (logical expression)
        Must be terminated with an END DO.

INCLUDE filename
        Allows non-recursive includes.  Filename is processor
        dependent.  The included file must not be empty nor can it be
        a continuation line.

        Voids all default implicit typing except for intrinsic

read and write past end-of-file
        Processor must provide a facility that permits reading and
        writing to continue past an endfile record on an unlabeles
        magnetic tape sequential file.  Reading past an endfile is not
        permitted if the READ stmt does not contain an END= or IOSTAT=
        specifier.  The processor may require execution of a special
        subroutine or stmt before it permits such reading or writing.

IOR(m,n), IAND(m,n), NOT(m), IEOR(m,n)
        Logical bit operations.

ISHFT(m, k), ISHFTC(m, k, ic)
        Bit shifts: k > 0 = left shift, k = 0 = no shift, k < 0 =
        right shift.  For ISHFTC, the rightmost IC bits are shifted
        circularly k places.

IBITS(m, i, len)
        Extract a subfield of len bits from m starting with position i
        and extending left for len bits.  The result is right
        justified and remaining bits are zeroed.

MVBITS(m, i, len, n, j)
        Moves len bits from i through i+len-1 of m to positions j
        through j+len-1 or n.  The remainder of n is unchanged.

BTEST(n, i), IBSET(n, i), IBCLR(n, i)
        Test, set, or clear bit i of argument n.

Bit constants: O'd1d2d3...' and Z'h1h2h3...'
        di represent octal digits, and hi represent hexadecimal
        digits.  These constants are right-justified and may be
        associated only with integer entities.  These constants may
        appear only in DATA stmts.

The actual text isn't much longer than this either...

University of Florida
Gainesville, FL  32611          904/392 6365

Wed, 05 Aug 1992 00:05:35 GMT  
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