IBM's Fortran compiler for OS2 
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 IBM's Fortran compiler for OS2


> Does anyone out there have any information on IBM's fortran compiler for OS/2?
> 1. What is the performance like?  I will be porting a fairly numerically
> intensive program to OS/2.
> 2. Is it different than IBM's fortran compiler for DOS?
> 3. Does it have any special features?

As far as I know, IBM's FORTRAN compiler for OS/2 is still in its 16-bit
incarnation (if somebody knows differently, please advise!), and I believe
it was originally written by Ryan-McFarland.

If you intend to do numerically intensive work, I'd strongly recommend using
a 32-bit compiler, which will deliver speed gains of a factor of two or more,
assuming you are working under OS/2 version 2.X.

I have direct experience with WATCOM 9.0, and it's a good package.  I under-
stand that Microway also has a 32-bit OS/2 FORTRAN compiler, but I have no
experience with it.

The cheapest alternative would be to use f2c to convert your FORTRAN source
to C, then use gcc to compile for execution under OS/2, though I have yet
to try this approach.  I prefer to work in a native FORTRAN environment.

Sat, 19 Aug 1995 10:11:33 GMT  
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