Calling a Visual Basic DLL from a Fortran executable 
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 Calling a Visual Basic DLL from a Fortran executable

> I use an Access 7 database to store some broadcasting data.
> I have already written several Visual Basic programs to extract the data
> for a given study.
> However the original program to do the technical analysis is in fortran.
> Therefore I would like to call a Visual Basic DLL from a Fortran
> executable. I have seen many examples of calling a Fortran dll from VB,
> but never the reverse like I' m trying to do.

> Any help or hints will be greatly appreciated

> regards from Geneva
> Jean-Marc Paquet

I think that VB 5 can produce a standard DLL.  You can also try reading the
data right out of Access from FORTRAN or C linked into the FORTRAN.  To do
this you would use the ODBC API calls.  I do this currently for
read/writing data from a FORTRAN application to any ODBC database.

Good Luck
-Bruce Callen

Tue, 14 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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