Wanted: PC FORTRAN compiler recommendation 
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 Wanted: PC FORTRAN compiler recommendation

I am posting because I couldn't find an FAQ for this group.  

I am looking for a fortran compiler for a Gateway 386/33 running
Windows 3.1.  My group plans to produce portable public domain
software that will run on 286 and older machines as well as newer
ones.  We also would like to be able to link C functions into FORTRAN
programs (we will also be buying a C compiler eventually).

On paper, MS FORTRAN 5.1 seems to fit these requirements,
but none of us has any experience with any PC FORTRAN
compilers.  I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has
used MS FORTRAN or any other compiler that might be suitable (Watcom,
Lahey, others?).  

Please respond by e-mail; I'll be happy to summarize
if there is sufficient interest.  Thank you.

                              David Shapiro

Sun, 10 Mar 1996 06:05:31 GMT  
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