Help: Increased Lagrange algorithm with projection 
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 Help: Increased Lagrange algorithm with projection

Hi.  Could someone out there tell me what "Increased Lagrange algorithm with
projection" is, in the context of computational plasticity?  It could be the
alternative on the Newton method.  In the integration of the constitutive
equation, algorithm looks like this:

        \dot{\sigma}=D_{ep} \dot{\epsilon}
where $\dot{\epsilon}$ is NOT total strain increment, but rather
        \dot{\epsilon}={1 \over 2}(\dot e + D^{-1} \dot s)
and $\dot e$ is the total strain increment and $\dot s$ is the corresponding
predictor stress.

Any information is welcome.  

Thanks in advance.

Weiping Hu

Sat, 13 Jan 1996 12:33:28 GMT  
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