2nd RFD: sci.physics.computational 
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 2nd RFD: sci.physics.computational

This posting has already appeared recently in several newsgroup. I am
reposting it to five additional newsgroups (sci.geo.fluids,
sci.nonlinear, sci.physics.fusion, sci.physics.research and
comp.lang.fortran) where I believe there is also interest in the
possible formation of this new newsgroup. Note that followups are
directed to news.groups.


> This is a formal Request for Discussion for the creation of a new
> newsgroup under the sci.* hierarchy.  This RFD is being cross
> posted to sci.aeronautics, sci.engr.mech, sci.math,
> sci.math.num-analysis, sci.physics and news.announce.newgroups.
> Discussion of this RFD is to take place in news.groups.

> NAME:  sci.physics.computational

> STATUS: Unmoderated

> One line description for the List of Active Newsgroups:

> sci.physics.computational - Forum for the discussion of
> all issues relating to the computation of physics, specifically
> in the area of fluid dynamics.


> An overwhelming number of researchers are depending on computers to
> solve state of the art fluid problems.  The need for a group
> dedicated specifically to Computational Fluid Dynamics is evidenced
> by the increased traffic in other groups.  The proposed newsgroup
> is intended to provide an international forum for all issues
> concerning the numerical solution of fluid related problems.

> The proposed name sci.physics.computational is specific
> enough to define the group, but general enough to welcome
> researchers from all disciplines.


> sci.physics.computational is a forum for the discussion of
> all issues relating to computational fluid dynamics.  


>         Discussion on all aspects of CFD are welcome, including, but
> not limited to:

>         * grid generation - elliptic, algebraic, adaptive, structured,
>                 unstructured, 2D, 3D,
>         * Specific flow problems: plasmas, real gases, MHD
>         * Multigrid methods
>         * Finite difference methods
>         * Finite volume methods
>         * Finite element methods
>     * Panel methods
>         * Solution issues: explicit vs. implicit, structured grids vs.
>                       unstructured, ADI vs. SLOR, etc.
>         * High order numerical methods (TVD, ENO)
>     * Turbulence Modeling
>         * Commercial codes - problems, issues, limitations
>         * Visualization
>     * Code validation


> The normal group creation guidelines are being followed.  This is the
> final draft of this proposal.  A Call for Votes is expected in three
> days.
> --

>                Hypersonics Research Group
>           Department of Aerospace Engineering
>        University of MD, College Park, MD 20742


Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, 03755 USA

Mon, 15 Jul 1996 02:27:07 GMT  
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