how to find segmentation fault problem with Sun f90 
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 how to find segmentation fault problem with Sun f90

Yes. We still assume that our target audience for the fortran docs
is made up of scientists and engineers for whom computers and
programming is just another tool and not an end unto itself.

We divided the Fortran doc set into three manuals, a user's guide,
a programming guide, and a library reference. The user's guide
describes how to use the compiler (options, etc) and what it
compiles. The programming guide gives you what you need to know
about Fortran on Sun, including things like debugging, porting,
numerics, parallelization, and optimization techniques.

The simple discussion of dbx debugging is still there.

The latest released docs are at:   http://www.*-*-*.com/

For the black-belt Fortran and technical computing programmer, we also
now have the http://www.*-*-*.com/ , with more advanced
info on optimization, etc, including online forums.

But our focus remains to be on the scientific/engineering/industrial

++Richard Friedman - Sun Microsystems - Compiler Documentation++


>>I'm trying to
>>debug a program that runs for about 6 hours then crashes with
>>a segmentation fault

> Using SunOS and Sun f77 ten years ago, the Sun fortran manual explained dbx
> in simplified terms for fortran users.  Approximately what one did for
> after-the-fact debugging from the core dump was to type "dbx
> <name_of_executable>", then at the dbx prompt type "where", and you saw the
> stack traceback to where the program crashed. It was as easy as that, though
> I may have left out something minor.  It could find the error from the core
> dump.

> Alternatively, you could restart by typing "dbx <name_of_executable>", then
> at the dbx prompt type "run", and after it crashed, at the dbx prompt type
> "where".  This does not require the core dump, which your machine may or may
> not be configured to do.

> When I switched to g77, I wondered how to do the same thing using the gnu
> de{*filter*} gdb.  After a few inquiries in this newsgroup, the answer turned
> out that everything was exactly the same as on the Sun if you executed from
> within gdb.  But I don't know whether the Sun software still works this way,
> or whether their current fortran documentation is still written with simple
> cookbook methods for the scientific fortran user who is not a programmer.
> It is worth a careful look at all the documentation supplied with the
> fortran compiler.

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