Modern? OLD .NE. USELESS (was: Re: Good Fortran is bad C++) 
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 Modern? OLD .NE. USELESS (was: Re: Good Fortran is bad C++)


>Stepwise refinement is a Structured Design technique from the seventies,
>right? You consider this modern?

There is very little in the way of programming techniques gained in the
past that must be discarded as useless.  Even using OOD for program design,
there are still processes and logic to be written where it is helpful to
understand stepwise refinement.  (I wouldn't use S.R. to design a whole
program, however.)  Software techniques generally build on knowledge gained
from the past rather than sprouting from revolutionary changes that discard
everything in the past.


Sat, 23 Aug 1997 01:13:21 GMT  
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