Lf95: How to call API file mapping routines? 
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 Lf95: How to call API file mapping routines?

All I want to have is:
Five applications (seperate EXE's) running simultaneously and each one
sharing (arrays) of INTEGER/REAL/CHARACTER (read/write) with each other.
All programs are written/compiled with Laheys Lf95 / Winteracter.
After muddling through MS Win-API documentations I understand that file
mapping would do it quite well. But Laheys (poor) documentation
calls of API subroutines and functions hardly helps me understanding
how to do this.

The principal procedure is rather clear:
[ call CreateFile(...) ]
CreateFileMapping(...)   or  OpenFileMapping(...)
 read/write from/to shared memory

My problem is, that I've never done anything in C and hardly understand
to pass arguments of different types from fortran calls to (C-)API
Shame on me: I also try using Fortran pointers for the first time.

I've done CreateFile and CreateFileMapping with some success but "hang"
at the MapViewOfFile. I also don't know how to read/write different
to specific locations in the shared memory.

Is there anybody who could help me in understanding the procedure or
(what would be even better) can provide me with samples of routines
doing this job ??

Klaus Bigalke

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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