computer graphics and computational geometry with FORTRAN ? 
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 computer graphics and computational geometry with FORTRAN ?

Hi all Mentors,

Today C/C++ are used by all the literature (books,algorithms)
 related to Computer graphics, and Computational geometry.

It seems very strange, but I do like very much the way that old
people expressing things with fortran, they are nice
and clear to me,  and I can learn things  much easier when
reading a FORTRAN script ( I really donot know why,
when I read a FORTRAN script I feel like I understands
the thingking streaming of the one who writes that
 FORTRAN script)....

I wonder if someone aware of any literature related to the
 two topics above that  used FORTRAN as programming languish

I would greatly appreciate for any of your help in this question,
Your help will never be forgotten,

Thanks in advance,


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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