sounding about a visual-HPF 
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 sounding about a visual-HPF

 I'm student in computer science, I work on a project about visual programming.
 The goal is to create a virtual language which generate fortran 90 or HPF.
 Another part of the project consist in create a graphical interface to help to add
High Performance Fortran instructions in Fortran 90 programs.

 I'd like to know what Fortran users think about this kind of softs :
- Do you use a similar language, or a similar tool ?
- What do you expect of them ?
- Have you ideas or wishes about the 'look and feel', vector and matrix manipulation,
tools to include (profiling, debugging ...),  ?
- Everything you want say about the subject ...

Thanks, Pif.

Fri, 29 Aug 1997 21:55:43 GMT  
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