g77 with AMDK6-2/Linux and with PII/Linux 
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 g77 with AMDK6-2/Linux and with PII/Linux


I saw a remark in this newsgroup regarding the performance
of g77 on AMD K6-2/Linux and on Intel PII/Linux.
I remember that AMD K6-2 is generally faster with g77 by
around 5 % at the same clock speed because the  parallelism of
Pentium II FPU does not fit very well with the current
status of g77.  Is this situation still true?

However, I find that on Ziff-Davis' FPU benchmark,  even Celleron
performs much better than K6-2.   The FPU of a true Pentium II is
about twice as fast as that of AMD K6-2.

Why is there such large discrepancy between g77/Linux test and
other FPU tests?


G. Hugh Song

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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