Meeting of X3J3 - ANSI Fortran Standards Committee 
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 Meeting of X3J3 - ANSI Fortran Standards Committee

Dear Readers of comp.lang.fortran:

    Here is information on the next meeting of X3J3, the ANSI Fortran Standards

    DISCLAIMER:  I am posting this message personally as a courtesy to the
Fortran community, NOT as an official act of X3J3.  X3J3 takes action only by
adopting a resolution by a vote in full committee.

Accredited Standards Committee* X3,
Information Technology

NOTICE:       X3J3 Meeting Number 137
              Meeting 137 Attendance Open to All Interested Persons

TIME:         May 13-17, 1996, 8:30-5:00 each day

PLACE/HOTEL:  Sunrise Suites
              4575 Boulder Highway
              Las Vegas, NV  89121

              Phone:  (800) 362-4040
                      (702) 434-0848
              FAX:    (702) 434-2513

HOST:         Mallory North (acting)


Use the keyword "X3J3" when making your reservation.  If you have any
difficulties making the reservation with the hotel, ask to speak with the
Sales Manager, Valerie Troisi.  The group rates are $40 per night single or
double occupancy plus 8% tax.  If you are in need of further information
regarding the meeting, you may contact Larry Rolison (phone/address info

Larry Rolison
Cray Research, Inc.
655F Lone Oak Drive
Eagan, MN  55121

(612) 683-5807

Note that NO X3J3 standing documents will be available at the meeting.
Please bring them with you to the meeting.

*Operating under the procedures of the American National Standards Institute

       X3 Secretariat, Information Technology Industry Council  (ITI)
        1250 Eye Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, D.C.  20005-3922

                      Draft Agenda for X3J3 Meeting 137

1. Monday, May 13, 1996  8:30 am
  1.1 Opening business                                          J. Wagener
  1.2 Meeting objectives (work plan) and Chair's report         J. Wagener
  1.3 Adoption of agenda
  1.4 Approval of Meeting 136 minutes
  1.5 Review Meeting 136 action items
  1.6 X3/OMC report  (if any)                                   J. Wagener
  1.7 Other reports (ISO/WG5)                           R. Hendrickson, et al
  1.8 Treasurer's report                                        M. North
  1.9 Beginning membership report                               L. Rolison
  1.10 Parameterized Derived Types Presentation                 S. Morgan
  1.11 Local arrangements                                       M. North
  1.12 Subgroup organization                                    J. Wagener
  1.13 Subgroup meetings
  1.14 Subgroup reports  (4:30 pm)                              Subgroup heads

2. Tuesday, May 14, 1996  8:30 am
  2.1 Subgroup reports and processing                           Subgroup heads
  2.2 Technical report (TR) liaison reports                     Liaisons
  2.3 Interval arithmetic presentation (if needed)              B. Kearfott
  2.4 "Champion" presentations (if needed)                            The Champs
  2.5 Subgroup meetings
  2.6 Subgroup reports  (3:30 pm)
  2.7 TAG meeting (4:00 pm)

3. Wednesday, May 15, 1996  8:30 am
  3.1 Subgroup reports and processing                           Subgroup heads
  3.2 TR liaison reports                                        Liaisons
  3.3 "Champion" reports                                      The Champs
  3.4 Parameterized Derived Types follow-up                     S. Morgan
  3.5 Subgroup meetings    
  3.6 Subgroup reports  (4:30 pm)                               Subgroup heads

4. Thursday, May 16, 1996  8:30 am
  4.1 TR liaison reports                                        Liaisons
  4.2 Subgroup reports                                          Subgroup heads
  4.3 "Champion" reports                                      The Champs
  4.4 FORTRAN 77 Withdrawal (94-073, 94-112, 94-153, 95-048,
         95-056, 95-110)                                        J. Wagener
  4.5 Subgroup meetings
  4.6 Subgroup reports  (3:30 pm)                               Subgroup heads
  4.7 TAG meeting  (4:00 pm)

5. Friday, May 17, 1996  8:30 am
  5.1 Subgroup reports                                          Subgroup heads
  5.2 Liaison reports                                           Liaisons
  5.3 Approve liaison reports      
  5.4 "Champion" reports                                      The Champs
  5.5 Closing business                                          J. Wagener
  5.6 Future meetings                                L. Rolison/J. Wagener
  5.7 Review of action items                                    C. Dedo
  5.8  Closing membership report                                L. Rolison
  5.9 Treasurer's report                                        M. North
  5.10 Next meeting agenda                                      L. Rolison
  5.11 Comments from members


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