MSDOS/WINDOWS 3.1 Fortran Compiler needed 
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 MSDOS/WINDOWS 3.1 Fortran Compiler needed

Hello everybody,

I know that an answer of my question below
might be in the FAQ,
but I'm little bit uncertain about
f2c, g77 and gcc on MSDOS computers.

I'm loking for a free fortran77 Compiler for
MSDSOS/WINDOWS 3.1 on a IBM compatible 80486
with 4MB RAM. I need to have acces to all RAM,
my copy of a Microsoft Fortran 4.1 doesnot fulfill this.

I am a student and will need it only for a few weeks
to finish my thesis, thus and for other reasons
I don't intend to spend very much.

Can somebody name locations, http, ftp or so,
to get binaries, sources and so on.

Thanks a lot,

Fri, 19 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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