drand : illegal instruction ??? 
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 drand : illegal instruction ???

hi, everyone:
  i ran into a small problem here: i tried to call the fortran lib : drand
  and i 've defined it as :

    integer :: i
  real :: dtime
  real :: drand
  integer :: irand
  external fdate
  external dtime
  external drand
  external irand


  and later on i called it once as:

    do i=1,10
    write (*,*) int((drand(i)-1.0)*100)
  end do

   and it 's doing fine

  but later i called it again just like above,
  and it can compile, but when i ran it, it said:
  illegal instruction ???

   any suggestions will be appreciated !!!

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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