HELP F90, External function returning pointer 
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 HELP F90, External function returning pointer

Well, I'have a little problem:

  1- I have a function (called with 3 parameters) writen in C
     which returns a pointer value.

  2- I wanna use this function in fortran90 as a function
     returning a pointer to a type.


------[ in the C module ] -------------------------

       void* fct(a,b,c)
        { ..... }

------[ in the F90 module ] -------------------------

   ! type declaration
    type ELEMENT
      integer :: D1,D2,D3
    end type ELEMENT

   ! using fct as pointer to a ELEMENT variable

  But I don't know how to say that to my f90 compiler...  :(
   - how must I declare my function in the F90 module?
   - how must I use it?

  Does anybody know ? (Please, please, oh sweet please....)


Mon, 10 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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