Compiling LAPACK on DEC with Ultrix 4.2 and Fortran 3.0 
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 Compiling LAPACK on DEC with Ultrix 4.2 and Fortran 3.0

I am trying to build LAPACK on a DEC 5000 with Ultrix 4.2 and version 3.0
of the fortran compiler.  I get a core dump in the LAPACK/TESTING
directory when the single precision complex routines are tested.  It dies
in a blas routine.  Could someone who has done this successfully tell
me what compiler options they used?  I tried
gnumake OPTS='-fpe2 -assume nodummy_aliases -O'

Any help would be appreciated.

Phil Miller

Mon, 12 Sep 1994 03:36:51 GMT  
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