Seeking routine to return elapsed wall-clock time 
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 Seeking routine to return elapsed wall-clock time


I'm looking for a routine that will return elapsed wall-clock
time for two time/date values, say in number of minutes elapsed.

For example, I could pass in two integer arrays of the form:
(day,month,year,hours,minutes,seconds), and expect a return value
of the number of elapsed minutes between the two times.

This is for a code that typically runs for several days and may check
up, say, only every third day.  So the routine needs to be aware of
changes in month, changes in year, leap year exceptions, etc.

The code in question runs on Sun, IBM RISC, VAX, Cray, SGI, DEC MIPS,
pc's under Lahey fortran, Convex, H-P RISC.  Non-standard code or
machine-specific code is ok, we've got that stuff localized anyway.

Anyone got anything they want to share, or pointers to a repository
of such a thing?  I can try writing one, but I'm betting that someone
out there has already written something better.

Post or mail; I'll summarize.

Thanks in advance, later, Tom


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Mon, 23 Oct 1995 14:59:48 GMT  
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