Use IMSL Fortran library with Watcom Fortran 10.6? 
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 Use IMSL Fortran library with Watcom Fortran 10.6?


I have written applications under MS Powerstation 4 that use the IMSL
math library.  I have some problems with some of them and was hoping to
compile them with Watcom F77 10.6.  I know that the Watcom compiler is
not on the list of supported compilers supported by VNI but was hoping
that it might still work.  

Has anybody succeeded in using the Watcom compiler in conjunction with
the IMSL library (for WIN95/NT ver 3)?  If so, how does one link them
Jean Masson
Fac. Administration, Univ. Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

Fri, 16 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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