Fortran -> C prototyper desired 
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 Fortran -> C prototyper desired

I've seen previous articles concerning f2c.  What I need is much more basic;
in my shop, we have a large # of c & fortran modules.  We use flexe-lint on
the c code & IPT's fortran-lint on the fortran.  Ideally, i'd like to make
each tool 'think' that all the routines called are defined in the language
of the tool.  For fortran, fortran-lint uses a library of routine shells
are used solely for routine interface checking (system services in VMS
for example).  I'd like to either obtain or create a tool that will convert
fortran routine definitions to ansi C prototypes.  Something that will go
from C -> fortran would also be greatly appreciated.  Has anyone also faced
this need?  Has anyone come up with a 'good' solution besides by hand
translation?  If you could, would you mail any responses to me directly as
I find myself reading news less these days (wish I had 30 hours/day )?
thanks for any feedback



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Wed, 06 Nov 1996 08:03:40 GMT  
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