Problems with DVF (warning messages and compiling the wrong files) 
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 Problems with DVF (warning messages and compiling the wrong files)

Hello Everybody --

I'm using DVF (with upgrade 1) on a Windows NT system and have a
couple of minor problems with the Developer Studio side of the

1) I'm not getting any warning messages.

If I have code that has variables that are declared but not used or
(worse) used but not initialized other fortran Compilers (including
Powerstation 4.0) give a warning message.  However the same code when
going through the DVF gives me zero warning messages.  While I hate to
count on such messages to save me from doing something stupid they are
nice to have.

I did look through the on line documentation and looked the different
options settings, but couldn't find a switch to make the compiler be
more verbose.  Have I overlooked something?

2) The DFV environment seems to be over zealous in compiling code when
I run the build command, but misses files when I run rebuild all.

I have a program with twenty or so source files.  About a third of
these files contain a module while the rest have subroutines and
functions that are not part of modules, but that use the modules.
Some of the modules use other of the modules.

Here are the symptoms:

If I create a new project the first build works fine.  The lowest
level modules compile first, than the higher level ones and finally
the files that are not used by other routines are compiled.  The whole
program is linked and can be run.

If I were to make a change to the main program, which is in a small
file by itself and should not be required by any other routines, and
run the build command several modules are compiled.  Of course once
some of the modules have been compiled all the code that depends on
these modules are also recompiled.  Finally the program links and can
be run.

If I do a successful build and immediately ask the Developer studio to
run or debug the program it tells me that there are files out of date
and asks me if I wish to recompile the program.  If I answer yes it
compiles a number of modules and runs the code.  If I answer no it
runs the code fine without recompiling.

If I do a rebuild all command if fails to compile all of the modules.
If I compile the modules it misses by hand and tell it to build it
will build the program correctly.

Have tried to reduce the number of modules and reduced the number of
modules that depend on other modules.  I've checked the code for
circular use statements (where a uses b, b uses c, and c uses a) but
didn't find any.  

Has anybody seen this problem?  Any clues how I might fix it?

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Tue, 29 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 Problems with DVF (warning messages and compiling the wrong files)

Try using the "Update dependancies" tool under the "Build" menu.

Fri, 03 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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